Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is involved in the business of manufacturing marketing and sales of motorcycles and its spare parts and intends to to initiate certain job oriented training and education programs to equip their students faculty members, industry personnel and other learners with adequate and updated technological know-how in the area of automobile engineering in order to meet the growing demand of skilled manpower in Indian automatic sector.

Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Royal Enfield are interested in exploring the possibility of establishing and industry academy ecosystem in order to train manpower power in relevant areas of Automobile, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering applications which will add value to students and provide them with industry exposure.

Collaboration and state of art laboratory is expected to result in in an understanding of the following:

  1. Royal Enfield technician certification program as its proprietary for teaching and education program in automobile and Technology for fulfilling a combination of both theory and practice.
  2. The institute is particularly focusing on training of its students and faculty members within the campus BY implementation of RETCP.
  3. This association will benefit the students to receive free of cost relevant hardware equipment take care and courseware sofware implementation and running of RNTCP as per the MOU.