Roles of Civil Engineer from Best Colleges for Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering, making it a well sought-after degree course in India. If you are looking for admissions in Engineering College in Rajasthan, VIT is your best option. Candidates with strong problem-solving skills and a flair for innovation are more suitable to pursue this course. The role of a Civil Engineer requires them to be a quick thinker and problem solver to the core, other than being innovative and academically superior.

Best Civil Engineering colleges in Jaipur teach the course with these core values at the centre. Civil Engineers are the pillars of our society. They don’t just build new structures, they maintain and oversee them as well, ensuring the ease of living and safety of the community at the same time. It’s a challenging job role to take, but one that is rewarding and exciting. The students are trained with a focus on the responsibilities an Engineer has towards the society as well as his/her role in the shaping of the real world around him.

Vivekanand Institute of Technology (VIT), the best Civil Engineering college in Jaipur, strives to achieve academic excellence by blending theoretical learning with a practical approach. Its experienced faculty work around the clock to keep up with the ever-changing technology – something that is of paramount importance in Civil Engineering. It has revolutionized the practical approach with routine industrial visits, workshops, and lectures from the experts of the industry.

Something that makes Civil Engineering stand out from the rest of the branches is the fact that most of your job role will include operating on-site. Students must be prepared to work in natural conditions for a better part of their jobs as opposed to air-conditioned offices. The industrial visits prepare you for just that. Other than that, as most of the top Civil Engineering college in Rajasthan, VIT too has established a sprawling system of workshops and laboratories to help students get practical knowledge of what their day-to-day job would encompass. The labs are:

  • Material Testing Lab
  • Concrete Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Geology Lab
  • Road Material Testing Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Structural Engineering Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Computer Lab

If not for civil engineers, we would still be living in caves. As long as we need a roof on our heads, the civil engineering profession will continue to grow. The role of a Civil Engineer requires technical, mathematical, communicational as well as leadership skills, and not just organizational skills to excel in this field. If you have a flair for innovation and want to give back to your community, Civil Engineering is the career for you.

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