FCA Shri Anil Bafna

Chairman, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

The conception and inception of Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur) is the outcome of our successful foray in the field of Engineering and Management education in the form of Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology (SKIT), Jaipur, and Marudhar Engineering College, Bikaner. We direly felt need of establishing more such institution to groom dedicated and efficient techno-managers committed to moral and ethical values, who can effectively negotiate with the contemporary and future global challenges and contribute constructively in the development of human society at large. To follow the ideals of great reformist, educationist and philosopher, Swami Vivekananda, who compelled the world to recall the everlasting glory of Indian civilization, would be the guiding principle of these institutions, so that we not only keep pace with and lead in technological development but also be governed by the time tested moral ethical and social values of Indian culture.

Founder, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

With the robust growth of Indian economy and its indispensable participation in the global arena, we endeavouur to contribute our bit in this process by providing conducive and encouraging environment for the growth of quality education, effective industry- academia interface and constructive resarch. The nurturing and culmination of well rounded professionals possessing global competencies with firm grounding in their culture and value system is the challenge that we have set for ourselves to meet through our institutions. To ensure enhanced employability of our students, great emphasis has been laid on keeping them abreast with the latest technological advancements through persistently providing them with the state-of-the-art infrastructure in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of the global industry. Emphasis is also laid on developing life skills, like communication and presentation skills, entrepreneurial skills like leadership, innovation and creativity etc. which have always been and will remain a key factor in determining the employability of a person. Our endeavour is to facilitate quality professional education to equip and enrich young men and women to meet global challenges in development, innovation and application of knowledge and skills in the service of humanity. We also intend to set benchmarks and elevate standards par excellence, in professional studies. Vivekananda Institute of Technology will be gateway to success for years to come, once such exemplary global standards are established.

 Dr. K.R.Bagaria
Founder, VGU & VIT Campus
Founder, SKIT
Prof (Dr.) M. Raisinghani

Vice Chairman, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

The technical education arena has grown as an emerging and developing stream of new paradigm discipline in developed economies about half a century back, however, it has been seen in India during last two decades addressing the growing demand of graduate and post graduate students in corporate and public sectors. Comprehensive grooming of the incumbent is only possible if institution has an experience of running professional Institutions with excellent academic and physical infrastructure, quality education. We at the Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur) are committed to provide environment of bipolar growth, enhancing not only the employability skills but also the entrepreneurial skills, to enable our graduates become potential Strategist/Managers with innovative skills of job creation. We believe that practical knowledge should be shared by government officials, research directors, academic faculty and industry leaders and so at Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur) we are putting-in continuous efforts to invite experts from varied platform and share the rousing expertise with our budding techno-managers. The students of Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur) will be equipped with the competencies in consonance with the contemporary and future global corporate needs.

Director, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

An endeavor bears fruit only when there is a clear vision coupled with a strong determination to achieve it. Since its inception Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur) has been trying to put this concept into practice. The severely competitive world of today offers vast opportunities for those who are willing to keep pace with the changing world. In order to succeed today, one needs the right education, skills and strength of mind. Simply speaking, opportunities today are for those who aim at achieving excellence. Ambition is the fuel of achievement. For sure, at Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur), we are fired up and filled by an ambition to achieve excellence. We aim to provide students with leadership, management, communication skills and professional ethics serving as a foundation for future development and career success. We at Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Jaipur) are keen at inculcating such qualities in our students which will help them develop, not only as perfectly trained technocrats but also as dexters.

                  Er. Gaurav Bagaria

Deputy Director, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Jaipur aspires to take its place among premier engineering institutions creating global knowledge. Certainly, we will be at the forefront of knowledge dissemination, with the highest quality teaching as we place equal emphasis on research and knowledge creation and have attracted young and accomplished faculty whose curiosity and skill will spearhead this objective.

We have made a stunning beginning but there is a long way to go and we are sure, with the active cooperation of all our stakeholders, students, faculty, staff, employees, collaborators, parents of the students, we will be able to fulfill our vision.

Our ongoing endeavor to excel and to succeed has penned a saga of success in academic laurels and leadership, impressive placements. Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Jaipur has been the meeting point of ideas and best academic practices.

                      Er. Anil Bagaria
                     Er. Onkar Bagaria

CEO, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

The Vivekananda Institute of Technology, (VIT Jaipur) is amongst an elite group of institutes for engineering education across India.

VIT Jaipur takes pride in its vibrant campus – a place where aspirations to learn technologies and management skills are achieved; a place where dreams to become successful professionals are realized. Learning is ‘fun’ at VIT Jaipur, as students and faculty members get together to make a difference through persevering and achieving intellectual satisfaction. We emphasize the motto “Learning to Learn”, during the students’ sojourn here, when ‘learning’ becomes lifelong practice. VIT Jaipur stands out with its core strengths – students, alumni, faculty, pedagogy, innovation, research, consultancy, and links to industry and premier institutes.

Several prestigious international and national awards garnered by students and faculty epitomizes VIT Jaipur as an eminent engineering institute. The unique ‘Innovation Hub’ & Robotics Lab on campus, the first of its kind in North India, imbibes design thinking, where students experiment with ideas and build prototypes. Over the years, students have worked and created several useful products and solutions addressing the pain-points of society.

Our alumni are placed in various reputed organizations including Accenture, Capgemini, Infosys, TCS, Mahindra, Tata Group, Ramky, L&T, JP Morgan, while many others visit our campus for placements. Our students are also pursuing higher studies in reputed global institutes. Many of our alumni are working in Public Sector Units, Bank’s, Government Department’s like PhED, Railway, Discom etc. Our Alumni’s has cracked presetigious exam such as Indian Engineering Services, Rajasthan Administrative Services, Military Engineering Services.

We collaborate with several reputed companies to train our students in the latest technologies and industry practices, organize industrial visits, invite visiting faculty from industry, conduct guest lectures, workshops and conferences, facilitate summer internships, and host centers of excellence. Several industry-specific training, soft skills training, and value-added certifications are provided to make our students ‘industry-ready’.

All this is possible because of a very strong faculty from reputed institutions, who have the expertise in different domains and industries, research and academic experience. Students enjoy a friendly campus life at VIT Jaipur. Despite being from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, they get together to organize several co-curricular, cultural, social, and sports events through their clubs and chapters. Our system supports and mentors students, providing them with clarity about the purpose of education and instilling values, self-discipline, positive attitudes and confidence to achieve their career goals.

The management and leadership team of VIT Jaipur strive to shape the future of students, imbibing a global perspective and the courage to use their knowledge, skills, and creativity in bringing progressive changes to the society.

Vice Principal, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

Engineering is an essence of today’s world. We are committed to providing not only the technical education to our students but also the leadership qualities through which they can create employment to others.

The sole vision of Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur is to produce good technologies with human values and Indian ethos. At Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur, which is a centre of excellence, technology, science & human values are taught side by side. Skill & knowledge relevant to real world problem are inseminated to produce dynamic, socially conscious, sensitive human beings. VIT Jaipur focuses on holistic development of the students by a combination of both curricular and extracurricular activities. We believe that to develop a tender mind we need to go beyond class room teaching and we realize that VIT Jaipur, which helps to make the students industry ready. All the Departments of the institute are striving hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve academic excellence and provides platform for the students to achieve their career goals. We have a team of highly experienced and motivated faculty members who are in the process of tuning the young minds to make them globally competitive. Innovative methods of teaching and learning process are adopted to achieve learning abilities through practice, exposure and motivation.

                          Dr. Dhiraj Singh