Important Information before joining the engineering College

Engineering is one of the most popular career choices in the country. The reason behind this is the variety of courses and the employment opportunities it offers. There are about 15 lakh seats available in over 3500 engineering colleges in the country. With so many options, it is easy for students to make the wrong choice. They don’t know what to look for while taking admission in engineering colleges.

India’s best Engineering Colleges have a few things in common. While you are selecting the college for you, these common factors are what you need to look out for. Here, we have mentioned the important information you should know before joining an engineering college:

About College

Learn about the college through its official website and online reviews. The better reputation a college has, the better it will be able to support you and your career. Also, learn about the faculties of the college and how well-maintained the library and labs of the college are. Lastly, check out the course you want like the Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and ensure that their department has the right infrastructure like the labs, equipment, and faculties.


You need to find the placement record of an engineering college before you join it. The record given on the college’s official website is not always reliable. What you can do is contact the alumni or the current students through social media platforms. After all, getting admission in the best engineering colleges for placement will help you get a jumpstart in your career.


The fee of the college depends on a lot of factors like whether it is government, semi-government, or a private institute. Also, the hostel facilities can have a major impact on your pockets. You can also check out if the college provides any kind of financial aid or scholarship to the students.


Accreditation can help in estimating the status of an institution. The AICTE or All India Council for Technical Education, NAAC or National Assessment and Accreditation Council, and NBA or National Board of Accreditation are the agencies that decide the measures that determine the quality of education. All colleges must have facilities according to these standards for getting the accreditation status.


It is the responsibility of the college to prepare students to fit the requirements of the industry. Students need industry exposure and for this, colleges need to conduct workshops regularly. Workshops also help in creating an association with different R&D companies that can help in developing student’s careers. You can get information about the workshops organized by the colleges on their official website.


You can contact the alumni of a college through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. They can give you all information regarding the college, be it the campus, placement record, and even life after graduation.

At the VIT, Jaipur, we ensure that students have the right skills and knowledge to be a successful engineer. For this, we have created an environment for students where they can communicate with the faculty and fellow students and create innovative solutions that make us one of the best engineering colleges for placements. This helps them hone their skills and get the job they want.

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