Department of Electrical Engineering – VIT JAIPUR

If you take a look at the list of Electrical Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan, you will find the name of Vivekananda Institute of Technology on top. VIT has long established itself as one of the leading institutions in the field of Electrical Engineering. It has continued to work towards integrating academics with the practical approach needed in this branch of Engineering. Boasting of an experienced and expert faculty, the college has always maintained its focus on adapting to the new technologies so as to serve the students better.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan strive to outshine the technical challenges that come with the field of Electrical Engineering. It is the branch of Engineering that extensively deals with electrical applications, devices, and systems in design, development, and application. Students work with a range of equipment – from small microchips to large generators, emphasizing experimental methods. VIT puts consistent efforts to give students the needed exposure in the form of workshops and field visits.

The excellence in the theory aspect of the curriculum that comes with research and development and quality education is equally paralleled with the top-notch infrastructure of the laboratories. Sanitized thoroughly, monitored constantly, and spacious – the workshops and laboratories provide great opportunities for the budding Engineers to learn beyond the textbooks. Some prominent laboratories of VIT include:

  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
  • Electronic Measurement Lab
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Advanced Power Electronics Lab
  • High Voltage Engineering Lab
  • Electrical Devices and Control Lab
  • Computer-Based Power System Design Lab

Labs and workshops have always been a huge part of the curriculum of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan. VIT is no different. The emphasis on practical learning has always been appreciated and enthusiastically responded to by the students. The labs are essentially where the Engineers of tomorrow are shaped. They allow a safe space for them to put their concepts of the fundamentals to test.

Upon graduating VIT, the students will have gained a deep insight into the inner workings of both electrical equipment and electromagnetism, the core of Electrical Engineering. Courses from top Electrical Engineering College in Rajasthan aim to instill strong communication skills in students, with a deep ethical sense and professionalism to boot. They will be able to apply complex mathematical concepts like differential & integral calculus, probability, differential equations, and linear algebra, along with Scientific and Engineering concepts.

There is a long list of Electrical Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan that offer the course. Only a few like the VIT, Jaipur provide the updated curriculum and create a comprehensive environment for the students.

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