• Decoller has won national Championship at Entrepreneurship-week consecutively in the years 2012,2013,2014,2015 and 2016.
  • It was established with a purpose to create and support high-growth entrepreneurs during job-creation and economic growth.
  • Currently, the centre has 7 incubate companies out of 15 student start-ups of the campus.

EDC every month/ year arranges various activities and programs ranging from boot camps and hackathons, to project exhibitions and showcases, students are challenged and benefit from the wide range of resources offered at the EDC such as mentoring, advising and faculty support. Below are the programs and engagements offered to the students at the EDC.

Online Course on Entrepreneurship

In association with NEN and Wadhwani Foundation, we have started MOOC Course Orientation to Entrepreneurship. All the students of 1st year are registered for the course and learn the course 2 hours in a week. This basic course is to create awareness amongst the students by Idea Generation and Opportunity Evaluation activities, Success Stories and many more. For this online course, we are using learnwise Platform. We stared this Course in VGU from July 2016 & in Vivekananda Institute of Technology from July 2017. We stared with ten batches with thirty students in both the campus separately.

Below are the various courses to be taken up by the students along with the curriculum

  1. Orientation Program in Entrepreneurship- Phase I
  2. Basic Program in Entrepreneurship- Phase II
  3. Foundation Program in Entrepreneurship- Phase III
  4. Intermediate Program in Entrepreneurship- Phase IV

Boot Camp Training

For the 1st time in North Region, the Institution initiated Boot Camp Training “Vivekananda Vichar Hub” with the aim of starting startup in 15 days. In the Boot camp students learned how to use market-driven Product Management principles to take ideas, validate them and create a compelling business strategy. After, students pitched their product idea and presented in front of a panel of angel investors. The boot camp training has been organised in 2014, 2015, 2017 in support of NEN, Progress Software, Headstart Network Foundation & Wow Labz.

PM Yuva Online entrepreneurship course

VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology campus started their entrepreneurship course under PMYY program from Jan 2018. The course was stared with eight batches of thirty students in Vivekananda Institute of Technology and fourteen batches of thirty student in VGU.

Seminar on Stand-up India, Start-up India

In association with SIDBI and TiE, the EDC organized one day seminar on Start-up india, stand up India in 2016, wherein the startups and the AGM of SIDBI, Director-Global of NEN and President of TiE shared their views and discuss about the startups.

India Data Gov hack

In association with NIC, IAMAI, the EDC organized the 2 days Hackathon in Oct’2017 wherein the students from various cities made the apps on the theme of Heath, Sanitation, Environment.

Road to Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Niti Aayog and Wadhwani Foundation conducted the Road to GES -2017 in VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus on 27 Oct’2017 wherein the 10 Startups from various states pitched in front of the Investors and one of the startup of Bangalore was given the ticket to Grand Finale of GES ‘2017.

Rajasthan Startup Fest

Every Year, the Decoller of the Institution collaborates with the Rajasthan Startup Fest organized in association with IIM- A, RIICO and Startup Oasis. We organized the Boot Camp i.e. Prelim round the Ideate Student Challenge.

B- Plan Competition

From time- to time, we organize B- Plan Competition for the students of Engineering and Management. Last year, We organized this Competition in association with Rajasthan Startup Festival wherein the boot camp training were given to 15 teams for 2 full days and on day 3, they presented their B-Plan in front of Govt. of Rajasthan, as it is a RIICO Funded Festival.


In association with, we organize Hackathons for the students, coders, designers. Last year, the theme for the event was “RURAL LIVELIHOOD” that was done in 4 phases of surveying, designing a problem statement, prototyping, and showcasing.

Startup Internship

The students of the Institution are also undergoing internships after college hours under the Startups. Internships undoubtedly give the students a competitive advantage in the job market. But in case of today’s freelancer economy, it’s a great idea for college students to get experience at a startup company through their college itself because of the various reasons as they are of similar age, in case of it, they can interact well the employer; their networking expands resulting in more employment opportunities in the future; informal and flexible atmosphere; here, everyone is equal; interns learn to make independent decisions; and they get a chance to discover skills working with the startup. The interns are supporting and helping the incubatees in their projects during their internships as doing is more efficient than hearing.

Startup Cricket league

The Students of E- Cell organized Startup Cricket League 2016 on 3 Sep’2016. In association with SCL with the aim of combining the innovation & Fun of startups.10 startups each in Pitching and Cricket participated. Mr. Mahaveer Singh, Chairman, RAIN, Mr. Roshith , Founder, WoW Labz, Mr. Paresh Gupta, Country Head, Headstart Network were the mentors and Investors in SCL.

Workshops / Interactive Sessions

  • 5 Days Training Program of Orientation Program in Entrepreneurship organized by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship under PM Yuva Yojana in Aug’2017 attended.
  • 5 Days Entrepreneurship Educator Program in July’2017 organized by Wadhwani Foundation attended.
  • 3 Days Entrepreneurship Educator Program in Jan’2017 organized by Wadhwani Foundation attended.
  • 3 day workshop on “Getting to Market: Commercializing Your Idea” was given by Prof. Rajeev Roy, IIM- Raipur in March of 2014 and was organized by NEN.
  • 1 day workshop on “IPR” was organized in October of 2013 in association with DST, Rajasthan.
  • One day workshop on opportunity evaluation was held in VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus. It was conducted by Dr. Sheenu Jain, Chairperson, Prayas, Jaipuria, Jaipur and Dr. Latika Dhuria, Centre Head, Wadhwani Centre of Excellence.
  • Conducted Workshop for the faculty members of Jaipur Region on “High Impact Infrastructure” by NEN, India.
  • 3 Day workshop on “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” was organised in association with SBI, New Delhi.
  • Faculty members have attended various workshops on Kick-Starting the Entrepreneurial Campus, Workshop on Building Technology Venture, Workshop on Business Model and Business Plan, and Workshop on Learning Mentoring Skills organised by National Entrepreneurship Network.
  • Students attended the 2 days NEN Successful Leadership Workshop Development organised by National Entrepreneurship Network, India.
  • Organized Idea to execution workshop in collaboration with IIT- Kharagpur.
  • Prof. Arya Kumar, Head- CEL, Pilani took the session for the students of Entrepreneurship cell on Ways and means –Entrepreneurship.
  • The E-leaders of DECOLLER Vivekananda Group of Institutions, Jaipur had an opportunity to interact with a very successful entrepreneur Ms.Geeta Ramamurty who has been the regional Head of TiE Chapter in Boston.

SME SUMMIT “Igniting the Pioneers”

EDC organized a summit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in association with NEN and Jaipuria Institute of Management as a knowledge partner. The Idea behind the Summit was to help SMEs in resolving their business issues and challenges, be it skill development or technology up gradation.

Around 32 Challenges received from SME’s , CII, Industries in the field of Technology, Art, Fashion, management were accepted by the student teams of the Institution along with the support of faculty member as a mentor. The teams have successfully completed 21 tasks and some of them are even being commercialized.

Lecture Series of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

EDC initiated the Lecture series of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The series aims at expanding intellectual horizons of an individual with open discussion of concern. It was inaugurated by Prof. Mithleshwar Jha, Professor in Marketing, IIM- Bangalore and Mr. Mukesh Sharma, OSD, State Innovation Council. The Topic of the 1st Lecture Series of Marketing was “Next Generation Marketing Challenges and Entrepreneurship”. The 2nd Lecture Series was on “Startup India” by Prof. Arya Kumar, Director, LBSIM and Mr. Ashish Jain, CEO, The 3rd Lecture was by Prof. Rajeev Roy, Serial Entrepreneur and Former Professor- XLRI on Idea to Commercialization.

Other Events

  • Organized Panel Discussions by the prominent educationalist from BITS, Pilani, CEERI and professionals from Industry
  • Organized Regional Level Award Ceremony for E-Week 2015, 2014 and 2012 wherein more than 50 Colleges participated.
  • Organized E- Week 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 in association with NEN, India.

K. R. Bagaria Fellowship Programe is available for the students as well as the alumni of VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus. It supports Students with Rs. 10,000 P. M as Seed Fund for opening up a Start-up.


  • Amit Singh is the founder of Wow Labz a technology startup accelerator and Director of Headstart Network Foundation. In Between, he has founded 10 companies, invested in over 15 startups and advised or mentored over 100 entrepreneurs.
  • Latika Dhuria is engaged in entrepreneurial teaching and mentoring, She also established Entrepreneurship development cell (DECOLLER; E-Cell of VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus) in 2010 with the aim to spread entrepreneurship awareness among students and society in VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus Jaipur. She was associated with NEN and some start-up mentoring organizations from last nine years.
  • Praveen Choudhary, Registrar of VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus, he is entrepreneurial Trainer & Mentor. He also associated with NEN with last eight years.
  • Onkar Bagaria is a financial expert, having banking experience of project appraisal. He is running his own startup as well. He is closely engaged with the administrative part of the institutions.
  • Amogh Sharma is engaged in entrepreneurial teaching and mentoring, he also associated with NEN. He attended various workshops and training programs for Entrepreneurship development organized by NEN & PMYY.
  • Deepanshu Arora is engaged in entrepreneurial teaching and mentoring, he also associated with NEN. He attended various workshops and training programs for Entrepreneurship development organized by NEN & PMYY.


VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus Jaipur established very strong networks with all top startup agencies across India as well as international agencies to create a great support system. Some of the key names include:


(Wadhwani Centre of Excellence in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development)

Wadhwani Centre of Excellence for Innovation has been set up at VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus Jaipur in partnership with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and Wadhwani Foundation to promote entrepreneurship and innovations among students from several dozen management and engineering schools located throughout various parts of Rajasthan.

The Wadhwani Center of Excellence at VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus provides entrepreneurs with mentorship, connections to funding, and support services to accelerate startup creation. In addition, it provides incubation to selected startups through its Micro-Incubator.

Micro- Incubator

The 1st breakthrough of the Entrepreneurship activities came by the way of providing Incubation to Ranosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Singapore, wherein 6 members worked as the Start-up Interns also. The Start-up Ranosys graduated in a period of about 15 months from the Incubator.

The Incubator has its own well designed structure, with laid down policies and procedures for admission, graduation, funding and mentorship of the incubatee. The centre is headed by Prof. Onkar as Incubation Manager and Prof. Latika as Faculty In charge, apart from this, it has full time legal advisor, Audit and financial advisor and IP Rights advisor for helping the Incubate Company.

Till date, 8 companies have graduated from our Micro- Incubator.  Presently the centre has incubated 15 start-ups as mentioned in the table below. One of the incubatee is in process of filling its first patent and one incubatee has collaborated with the institute faculty members and has received grant from DST for the research in the field of disability medical instruments.  The Incubator has created its own seed loan fund of Rs. 2 lakhs and seed equity fund of Rs. 3 lakhs.  We have funded one of the incubate recently from our own fund.

In our Micro- Incubator, We have a dedicated system and process of mentoring, launching start-ups and finally incubating them. A sample process of how-we-do is as a foresaid below:

  • Idea Generation Competitions
  • Selected students to attend course work and mentorship session.
  • National level project exhibitions.
  • Selected students to attend Boot Camp (In and Off Campus)
  • Pitch-In session and selection for Incubation.

The Micro- Incubator of VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus provides the Facilities to the start-up such as-

  • Office Space
  • Legal Support
  • Printing & stationary Facility
  • Meeting Room
  • Pantry

Details of Incubate Companies @ DECOLLER

Sl. No. Venture/ Startup Name Student/Outside No. of Jobs created Revenue Customer base
1 Xyloid Technologies S 12 50,00,000 18
2 Escape Byte S 3 4,50,000 6
3 Broadweb Pvt. Ltd S 10 15,50,000 9
4 Cybee World S 3 3,30,000 6
5 Avionics S 2 3,50,000 8
6 Positron Technologies O 14 12,00,000 50
7 Ranosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Singapore O 500 1,80,00,000 480
8 Flit Webs Pvt. Ltd S 5 1,00,00,000 12
9 Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd. S 20 25,00,000 55
10 Shree Radhika Dresses S 5 2,00,000 2
11 Jan Sewa S 5 3,50,000 2
12 Care taker consultancy services S 6 4,70,000 20
13 Abstraqt S 2 5,60,000 11
14 KS Impressions S 2 2,30,000 6
15 D- Athenaa O 4 10,00,000 8
16 DSRC S 12 50,00,000 35


The Innovation Hub, a 300 sq. ft facility at VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus, was established in January 2014 with the aim of projecting the innovative projects developed by students and faculty. This Hub promotes independent thinking, inculcates problem solving skills, nurtures creativity, and connects the students Grass Root Innovators. The Centre currently has an area of 300 sq.ft. On a regular basis, the students of VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus receive mentorship from various renowned professors. At Innovation Hub, students will find renowned professors ready to provide them with mentorship and guidance.


The Research & Development and Consultancy Cell looks after the implementation and development of the research & development inside the campus. For promoting research, the Cell has collaborated with CEERI, Pilani and CSIO Chandigarh. The faculty and student research projects are funded by various agencies such as DST- GOI, DST- GOR, DST- NIMAT, AICTE, DRDO, Ministry of Non Renewable Energy etc., The Cell also does the consultancy for local industries in the field of Agriculture, Architecture, ICT, chemical engineering and civil engineering.

The Centre promotes publications by the faculty members and by the students and it also encourages the organization and participation in various seminars and conferences. In the last three years, faculty members have published around 250 + research papers in leading journals, published 32 + books, and organized various national and international conferences, workshops, and seminars in various fields with support of agencies such as DST, SERB, SIDBI, IAPT, DRDO and AICTE. An estimated 3500+ papers have also been discussed in these conferences by leading researchers. The details of the department wise publications and conferences organized in Vivekananda Group of Institutions, Jaipur is mentioned below.


The unit provides mentoring to the student startups in the field of Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Funding and Customer acquisition on regular basis.

Awards & Recognition (Last 5 years): Details of Recognitions & Awards (having significant importance) won. Indicate separately for Faculty and Student community.

(Faculty Recognition & Awards)

  • Latika Dhuria has been awarded as Star Entrepreneurship Educator by NEN- WF and
  • Latika Dhuria has been awarded with Emerging Entrepreneurship Educator by Jury in the Entrepreneurship conclave 2015 organised by EDII, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, IBm, Bristish Council and NEN on 11-12 March’2015
  • Latika Dhuria has received grant of Rs. 7 Lakhs by AICTE for establishing Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Vivekananda Group of Institutions, Jaipur.
  • Latika Dhuria received Rs. 1 Lacs from DST- NIMAT against undergoing 5 EAC’s in Rajasthan
  • Latika Dhuria has been awarded as “Emerald Educator” in the field of Entrepreneurship by National Entrepreneurship Network, India

(Student Recognition & Awards)

  • Mithun , B. Tech, CS- IV Yr. and Founder of Hi- Buddy won 1st in the Pitching of Startup Cricket League 2016
  • Mithun , B. Tech, CS- IV Yr. and Founder of Hi- Buddy got 1st Runnersup in the Ideate student Challenge of Rajasthan Startup Fest 2016
  • Won Premier Award, E- Week @ School, Outreach and Innovative Project Award in E- Week 2015 organised by NEN, India.
  • Won Premier Award, E- Week @ School and Innovative Project Award in E- Week 2014 organised by NEN, India.
  • Won National Championship in E-Week 2016,2015,2014 2013,2012 organized by NEN, India.
  • Won Runners-up Championship in E-Week 2011 organized by NEN, India.
  • Animesh Joshi and Ms. Ankita Bhargava (Founders of Escape Byte),and Incubate of VGI developed a software named as for the purpose of connecting alumni with the students of the Institute.
  • Four projects of ECE VII Sem Students participated in Motorola Research Scholar Program and one out of it won the scholar program.
  • One of the Project Fog Quest by the students, won in the project exhibition organised by BITS, Pilani..
  • E- Leaders Kunal and Mitesh won 1st prize and received cash prize of 21,000 in National level project Exhibition held on 14 sep at Vivekananda Group of Institutions, Jaipur wherein 150 projects were exhibited across India. Their project was based on the GSM based Energy Meter whereby electricity would be available only if recharge is done.
  • The start-up of Vivekananda Group of Institutions, Jaipur “Flit Webs” won the Judges Choice Award in TATA First Dot Powered by NEN

Any other notable activities in innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • Indicate details of product development /commercialization by faculty/students,
Sl. No Name of the Faculty Project Amount Funding Agency
1 Prof. Subodh Srivastava Mass production of modified carbon nanotubes(CNTs) for hydrogen gas storage application 30.83 Ministry of new & Renewable energy
2 Dr. Baldev Singh Development of low cost MIS to study the effect of student attendance on their grades for engineering colleges 12.5 Bagaria Education Trust
3 Dr. D.P.Darmora To develop a Low Cost and Time efficient Post harvest processing unit for ALOE VERA 2 Bagaria Education Trust
4 Dr. D.P.Darmora Herbal Mehendi Extractor 5 Bagaria Education Trust
5 Prof. Y.C. Sharma Development of thin films for thermoelectric applications 9 DRDO


  1. Amit Singh – Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, runs a technology accelerator – Wow Labz, Co-founder & Managing Director – Headstart, Mentor to several startups
  2. Arpit Agarwal – Venture Capitalist,Ex-Entrepreneur, Managed a private incubator – TLabs Co-founder & Director – Headstart, Mentor to several startups
  3. Ramesh Loganathan – Professor, Co-Innovation at IIIT-H, Chair ACM, Angel Investor, Connector Co-founder Headstart, , Mentor to several startups
  • This club was established on March 20,2012.
  • It is a club which provides a platform for students to show case their talent in automobile sector by participating and organizing various national and international events related to automobile.
  • This club helps to generating skill and knowledge amongst passionate engineer looking themselves to excel in automotive field.
  • Exciting experience for students as it helped to get tremendous hands on experience as well as knowledge through some awesome presentations (videos and animations) by eminent professionals.

A Workshop Series on

“Engine Overhauling & 3D Printing”

(Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Day 1:- (Inauguration, Expert Talk & Engine Overhauling cont.)

Time: 9:00 Am-10:00 Am

Inauguration Ceremony:

The workshop on Engine Overhauling & 3D Printing was started in VGU & Vivekananda Institute of Technology campus. In the inaugural ceremony all HOD’s of various departments, Principal, Dean and Management were invited.

The chief guest was Mr. Rajat Yadav, alumni of Vivekananda Institute of Technology Campus and a lifetime member of SAE club. The inauguration ceremony began with light up the lamp by dignitaries with Saraswati Vandana sung by Ms. Priyanka Sharma. After that token of gratitude was presented to the chief guest by Md.Atif (final year ME student).

Prof. (Dr.) N. K Agrawal (Principal, Vivekananda Institute of Technology) spoke to students on how the workshop is beneficial for them. He said such workshops enhance the practical knowledge, and hands-on work experience.

Prof. (Dr.) D.P Darmora, Dean Sciences VGU, spoke on engine overhauling and how it is beneficial for students to learn this activity in workshop.

Md. Atif, student coordinator of SAE club presented a bouquet and a memento to the chief guest.

Next, mic was handed over to Chief Guest for a motivational talk. Mr. Rajat Yadav thanked for the invitation and affection given to him. After that he started his presentation on the safety measures that must be taken in order to have a better and safe learning. He shared his experience, knowledge and learning from SAE club and the projects he had worked on.

The vote of thanks given by Mrs. Nisha Payal (HOD, Mechanical Engineering). She presented her kind words of gratitude towards chief guest and all dignitaries, motivated the students to give their best in learning at the workshop.

Expert lecture

Time: 10:00Am -11:00Am

Chief Guest Mr. Rajat Yadav was invited to give an expert lecture on engine overhauling and he started presentation, showed some videos of operating Go carts made under his guidance. He also debriefed about the modern technologies, standards and specifications used in design of Formula One Cars. He shared his experience with participants and showed beneficial works and many options that may be beneficial to get maximum benefit out of this kind of skill development workshop. He continued his lecture till lunch time with Morden technological based videos.

Session: 2 (Engine Overhauling)

Time: 11:30 am-2:30pm
After lunch, Engine Overhauling session began.

It was guided by Mr. Mahesh Sharma, entrepreneur & owner of Spark Motors Jaipur. He is technical consultant of various colleges like SKIT, ARYA etc. He settled all the machinery equipment’s and tools, the students seated around the engine and a live footage was projected for better and clear understanding. Maruti 800 cc engine was dismantled. He started with cylinder head of engine and then other parts were dismantled one by one. He also described the materials of various engine parts and their functioning in the engine assembly.

After that refreshment given to students and then again the session 4 was resumed till 2:30Pm

Day 2:- (Expert Talk & Engine Overhauling cont.)

Time: 08:30Am-11:00Am

After the successful Sessions of Day 1, most of the engine parts were dismantled and shown to the students with their functions, Now it was time for beginning of another few sessions on engine overhauling and expert’s lectures on Day 2 in Vivekananda Institute of Technology campus, Jaipur.

The event of the second day had a very experienced personality as the Guest, Mr. Karan Kumawat (Service Manager, Jaguar). Mr. Pawan Goyal gave him a floral welcome, and showed gratitude for coming in the workshop to motivate students with his knowledge.

Mr. Deepanshu Arora gave brief introduction of day 1 session. He began by thanking the guest for his arrival at the workshop and welcomed him with his words .He guided students about how practical knowledge is necessary nowadays and how to learn through practically conducting experiments.

Expert lecture by Mr. Karan Kumawat (Service Manager, Jaguar, Jaipur) Later MIC was handed over to the guest for his expert lecture. Mr. Karan Kumawat started presentation about the new technologies and new models of Land Rover, a famous brand in automobile sector owned by Tata Motors. He gave a brief introduction on new Land Rover Engine of 5000 CC with 510 PS. He told about the career in automobile sector and internship also. He also explained Mechatronics system in modern automobile.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Goyal, delivered vote of thanks. He motivated the students to focus on career and how to achieve goals in life.

He guided our students, how to choose their respective fields of work not after others but on their own and creating opportunities that will lead the students to their destination and achieve higher platforms on their way to work.

Expert lecture on Recent Automotive Technologies by Md. Atif (Final Yr. Student ME)

Md. Atif, Student coordinator of SAE club in Vivekananda Institute of Technology campus and Final year student of Mechanical engineering Vivekananda Institute of Technology. He started his lecture with modern sports cars presentation. He shared his knowledge about the recent automotive advancement for eg. Turbo Charger, Super Charger, Multi Fuel Engine, How to apply NOs in Vehicle, etc.

Engine Overhauling Hands on Experience (Session 3)

Time:11:30am -02:30pm

The excitement was back in all of the students, they were back after the lunch break and the third session began by Mr. Mahesh Sharma, he continued to carry out the assembly of the engine parts. All the students were giving focus on assembly with him. The workshop was not just about taking away all the parts of the engine but all of it was going to be placed again on the spot.

The event of Day 2 had came to an end Mr. Mahesh Sharma was presented with a memento and token of gratitude by Mr. Pawan Goyal. This marked the end of session 4 on Day 2.

Day 3:- (3D Printing)

Time:-08:30Am -11:00Am

Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary started the Session with his welcome speech on 3D printing session.

3D printing Session: Hands on experience

The 3rd day of workshop series was devoted for 3D printing; this session was guided by Mr. Sahil from CADD Centre Jaipur. He demonstrated 3D printing machine and its working to students. His way of providing knowledge was very interactive and branch oriented. As he is alumni of Vivekananda Institute of Technology, it was very motivational for the students.

The expert explained the detailed process of 3D printing through computational interface with 3D printer. He also live demonstrated the construction of Nut and Bolt assembly through 3D printing machine.

The students of SAE and ME Club attended this session with very enthusiastic way.

Quiz and closing ceremony

A quiz of Automobile and IC engine was conducted on 3rd day. The quiz was based on the session of Engine Overhauling during workshop series. More than 70 students were participated in this, Mr. Sandeep Choudhary student 2nd year Mechanical Engineering was winner of the quiz.

  • IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.
  • IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE’s highly cited publications , conferences, technology standards , and professional and educational activities.
  • VIT Campus introduced IEEE in Vivekananda Institute of Technology  as named “Vivekananda Institute of Technology-IEEE STUDENT CHAPTER “in August – 2010.
  • The vision of ISTE is a world where all learners thrive, achieve and contribute.
  • The main goal is to serve as a common agency for stimulating and guiding its members to formulate the general goals and responsibilities of technical education for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.
  • This club was established in August 2011.
  • It aims at providing students a platform to sharpen their communication, presentation and leadership skills.
  • The club is highly motivated and active with a team of enthusiastic people.
  • Vivekananda Institute of Technology Toastmaster has been awarded Founder Club Award for starting chapter at Infosys, Jaipur.
  • It was also awarded by Distinguished club Aaward.
  • This club includes photography, theatre and cultural activities like singing, dancing, etc.
  • Our aim is to conduct special workshops/ photo seminars/ photo conferences/ photo exhibitions / photo competitions on photo-journalism, portrait photography, table top/product photography, macro photography, architectural photography, industrial photography and wild life photography.
  • The purpose of the Theatre section is to promote exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts in order to consolidate peace and friendship between students, to deepen mutual understanding, increase creative co-operation between everyone in the theatre arts.
  • The operation of the CST is to make easy the new learning, technologies, advancements, improvements in technical world, sharing of knowledge, blooming the minds and recreating the passion with a new enthusiasm in technocrats.
  • The CST aims at developing a future in technical world, a different and easy way.
  • The society conducts several workshops, seminars, presentations, several technical activities are carried out, and national & international conferences for enhancing the research work in india.

National Cadet Corp (NCC)

Faculty ANO & C/T:

  1. Dr. Ruchi Sharma [ANO, 1-RAJ AIR SQ NCC JAIPUR, MOB. No: +91-9928859977]
  2. Mr. Krishna Nandan [1-RAJ ARMD SQN NCC JAIPUR, MOB. No: +91-9828913593]

N.C.C. is a dynamic organization of young boys and girls all over the India. It plays an important role in inculcating values of character, patriotism, unity and selfless services amongst the youth. It helps in shaping the youth into discipline responsible citizen of India. NCC provides a platform for self development and helps to chanalise their energy and potential towards nation building.

N.C.C. has three wings Army, Navy and Air Force.

The National Cadet Corps came into existence on 15th July, 1948 under the

NCC Act XXXIof 1948 under the Ministry of Defence with the following aims:

(a) To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook,spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country.

(b) To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always be available for the service of the nation.

(c) To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

Nature of Course:

  1. Duration : Every Sunday from July to January approximately 4 to 5 hrs. in the morning for three years.
  2. Internal Training : Cross country, physical exercise, parade. Lectures and theory by Army Staff on Military subject, Geography and Military subject, Leadership qualities and Management ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate syllabus every Sunday.
  3. Practical : Drill with and without arms, weapon training 0.303 dp rifle S.L.R.
  4. External Training:

Every year NCC cadet has to selected and attend at least 1 training camp. Different training camps like ATC (Annual Training Camp) TSC (Trial Selection Camp), AAC (Army Attachment Camp), NIC (National Integration Camp) , most honourable RDC (Republic Day Camp), Adventure and Trekking Camps are arranged by Group Head Quarters all over the India. Weapon training about LMG (Light Machine Gun) AK-57, Firing, Map Reading, Judging distance, Sports and cultural activities.

5. Adventure Activities:

NCC Cadets can do adventures activities like hiking, river crossing, rock climbing, horse riding, parasailing, paragliding, cycling, motorcycling, Vehicle Expedition Rallies and Camel Safari.

6. YEP (Youth Exchange Programme):

If the NCC Cadet good personality and excellent communication skill he can get selected for YEP where he get an opportunity to visit abroad and communicate with other nations NCC cadets.

7. Social Activities:

With NCC training cadets also has to do social activities like blood donation, tree plantation, duties during Ganpati Utsav, Elections, Polio Organisation and Traffic Control.

8. ‘B’ & ‘C’ certificate:

After completion of 2 years and at least 1 camp cadet can appear for ‘B’ Certificate Examination and after completion of 3 years and at least 2 camps cadet can appear for ‘C’ Certificate Examination.

Benefits of NCC :

  1. Free training with yearly allowances
  2. Every year 10 grace marks are given
  3. Having Graduation and NCC ‘C’ Certificate direct entry in Army, Navy and Air Force without UPSC examinations.
  4. Reservation in State Government Services
  5. Additional grace marks are given in admission of professional courses like D.Ed., B.Ed. in Medical and Engineering
  6. Large number of NCC Cadets eligible for scholarships ranging from Rs.2,000/- to Rs.30,000/- every year.
  7. Many private industries give preferences to NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders for various jobs.
  8. NCC also provides appropriate compensation of NCC high risk activities
  9. NCC develops all round confidence personality who will succeed in their chosen career

Privileges and Concessions :

  1. Vacancies as under are reserved for commission in defence services for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders

(i) Army : IMA (Indian Military Academy) Dehradun, 64 vacancies every year through UPSC and SSB Interview. OTA (Officers Training Academy) Chennai : 100 vacancies every year for short service commission, no UPSC Examinations only SSB Interview

ii) Navy : 6 Vacancies for course no UPSC Examinations only SSB Interview. 2 years age relaxation for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders.

iii) Indian Air Force : 10% vacancies in all courses including flying training courses. No UPSC Examination only SSB Interview.


WING’S ANO’S ‘C’ Certified ‘C’ Certificate ‘B’ Certificate ‘A’ Certificate Total
Army 01 27 08 06 14 56
Air 01 03 00 11 14 29


International Level :-

  1. SUO Keerti Nair represented INDIA at Bangladesh through youth exchange programe (YEP)
  2. SUO Peeyush Lamba represented INDIA at Russia through youth exchange programe (YEP)

National Level :-

  1. SUO Keerti Nair represented Rajasthan in RD Parade 2014 held at Delhi.
  2. Sgt. Pratap S. Rathore broke the National firing record and attained first position by firing 5 round in 1cm.
  3. Cdt. Jitendra S. Shekhawat represented Rajasthan in RD Parade 2016 held at Delhi.
  4. Cdt. Prashant K. Saini and Cdt. Sanjay Banjara played from Rajasthan Directorate NCC Football team at Delhi.
  5. Sgt. Pratap S. Rathore represented 1 Raj BN in SNIC Camp 2015 held at Lakshdeep.
  6. SUO Peeyush Lamba & Cdt. Kunwar Singh represented Rajasthan in RD Parade 2017 held at Delhi.
  7. UO Munesh Kr. Yadav was selected for 318 Basic Mountaineering course 2017 held at Darjeeling.
  8. Cadet Vivek S. Rawat represented 1 Raj Air Sqn, NCC and VGU & VIT Campus at all INDIA VAU SANIK Camp.


  1. SUO Keerti Nair was awarded by APJ Kalam Award in 2016.
  2. SUO Peeyush Lamba was awarded by M.Raisinghani Award in 2017.
  3. Cdt. Kunwar Singh was awarded by M.Raisinghani Award in 2017.
  4. Cdt. Rustam Ali was awarded by Milkha Singh Award in 2017.
  5. Cadet Vivek S. Rawat was awarded by M.Raisinghani Award in 2019.
  6. Cdt. Harsh Chaubey & Cdt. Arukala Shreedivya was awarded by Shri KrishnVidhya Award in 2019.



  1. C/T Dr. Ruchi Sharma was attended CATC cum Pre RDC-III 2017 at Ganghi Nagar, Jaipur.
  2. C/T Dr. Ruchi Sharma was attended CATC ,PHAGI which will be held on 5th sept. -14 sept. 18.


  1. C/T Krishna Nandan was attended two National level camps during 2013-16 as a under officer Rank.
  2. C/T Krishna Nandan was attended CATC cum Pre RDC-III at NCC complex , Ghandi Nagar held on 21 Dec. 2018.
  3. C/T Krishna Nandan hosted a combined Annual training camp cum Pre Thal Sainik camp (TSC) on form 14th to 23 june 2018 in VIT Campus Jaipur.