Can you find a steady career in civil engineering

Civil engineering is probably one of those careers that are both lucrative and also offers a sense of pride and satisfaction for choosing it. Most of the engineering programs offer lucrative career prospects however, civil engineering enables engineers working on a project to enjoy a sense of pride for the creation/ project they have been a part of. Civil engineering has changed quite a bit with the intrusion of technology and made a lot of junior engineering jobs obsolete. Amidst all the technology-based job roles it is important to stay abreast of the changing times and ensure to make a good career with civil engineering. Government engineering college – Vivekananda Institute of Technology and a few others, are some of the top civil engineering colleges in Rajasthan.

The world of technology through artificial intelligence, cloud computing, nanotechnology, and others, has fast-tracked several activities. Calculations and simulations that were once a humongous and time-consuming task are now performed at a click of the mouse. While the usage of technology in crucial decision making instead of junior engineers have made them obsolete, it has also enabled the toughest of the tasks to be performed faster and with precision. Taking up online / offline classes to hone their skills in a variety of technical abilities is the way to enable a steady career in civil engineering.

Admissions in Engineering colleges in Rajasthan are about to begin for both private and public colleges. The admission process for each of them is based on a set of policies. Entrance exams like JEE (Mains), JEE (Advanced), and a few others are conducted by NTA, an autonomous body that is formed by the Government of India and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. However, most of the private engineering colleges conduct their admission tests.

HCL, Intel, Amazon, Infosys, Intel, Accenture, IBM, and many other industry leaders are a part of the recruiter’s list of the top engineering colleges in Rajasthan. The average placement package with these employers would range from Rs.5 lacs p.a. to Rs.15 lacs p.a. The curriculum for civil engineering programs is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of the basics of civil engineering through the theoretical subjects and practical exposure through seminars, on the job training, field trips, internship programs, and a few other programs.

  • Government engineering college – Vivekananda Institute of Technology – Jaipur, are some of the top civil engineering colleges in Rajasthan.
  • Entrance exams like REAP, JEE (Mains), JEE (Advanced), and a few others are considered for the admission process in the best civil engineering colleges in Rajasthan.
  • Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, cloud computing, and nanotechnology has made many junior engineer job roles redundant, and learning the trending skills through an online/ offline course would be an excellent way of tackling this challenge.

Civil engineering was previously looked up as a construction engineering that enables to build infrastructure. However, in the recent past rebuilding, repairing, and upgrading has been the mantra for civil engineers across the world. While technology has evolved the way civil engineering operates, man is still the best brain behind some of the excellent infrastructures. Updating with the trendiest skills, staying abreast of the changes in the industry, and hard work is a sure-shot way of making a steady career in civil engineering.

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