B.Tech in Best Civil Engineering College

B.Tech in Civil Engineering is an undergraduate program to make inspired, imaginative, creative and thinking graduates to fill the jobs of civil engineers who can work at different infrastructure projects including the development of buildings. Civil Engineering educational programs created by the expert faculty of the Best Civil Engineering College in Jaipur are result based and it involves required theoretical concepts and practical skills in the domain. VITJ College is going by a profoundly experienced teacher and is supported by well-qualified mentors. The campus has the state-of-art classrooms and well-equipped laboratories. It offers B.Tech programs in different specialized streams and the program aims to get ready students to play a leading role in the focused construction field and exceed expectations in their endeavors.

Civil Engineering College

However because of the expansion of technological advancement and for Interest higher expectations for everyday comforts equipped by financial development and worries about natural effect have changed the scope of Civil Engineering. The difficulties of the present Civil Engineering infrastructure are significantly more complex and interdependencies between assets. The Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur is one of the top engineering colleges in Jaipur and would offer Civil Engineering Program to create quality engineers who are successful and proficient in problem-solving and giving practical and sustainable infrastructural solutions.

Academic Objectives:

  • To get ready graduates in CIVIL ENGINEERING who will exceed expectations in their professional career and contribute with responsibility and devotion to the advancement of the society and the country.
  • To improve the comprehension of the engineering standards of the Civil Engineering course
  • Graduates will be prepared with a strong foundation in mathematics, sciences, and technical skills expected to analyze and design civil infrastructure frameworks
  • The professional careers of our students will be recognized with a high level of awareness of moral, legal and proficient commitments to secure human wellbeing, human welfare, and the earth.
  • To promote faculty, researchers, and understudies to take an interest in national conferences, seminars, workshops, and so on and present their research yields. Additionally, research output to publish in journals of repute, publish books in applicable fields and well-known articles to serve the society
  • To compose conferences, seminars, workshops, special lectures, technical talks, development programs and so on rising areas.
  • To organize and promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities helps student’s personal development according to society
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