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By February 13, 2017 Student Corner
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Diverged two roads in the deep wood,
Couldn’t choose one only if I could!
One was rough , riskful and strong,
While the other was smooth , lonely and long!
Didn’t know where the roads were destined to ;
Up to the hill or down to the zoo!
All seemed gloomy and thoughts only fought;
There was a huge dilemma in which I was caught!
The road full of risk was a valley of death;
Where one could meet the obstacles they never met!
The road so smooth had a longer length,
Where easily one could move but no one to blend!
Didn’t know whether I would win or loose,
I had no option but only to choose!
Still couldn’t visualize the unknown ends,
Yet I chose the road which was full of bends.
Somali Das
VI Semester, EE

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