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Monthly Archives: February 2017


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HYMN In the loveliest of you, I see a glimpse of mine. They have been days of grief, When in me, I was not fine. Come by me, sit by me, Hold me tight and then will I feel, Something truly right. For the hours I had met you, I was blessed and marked. With the onset of everyday, I became strong and right The day that came, I suffered your absence, You were gone far, in silence and in…

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Silly dawn ,dark at four

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Silly dawn ,dark at four Silly dawn ,dark at four Still there is lot more Into this mysterious shore             Falling Apart may be of no sense            Being elision without            Thinking a penny about a whence            Fame name ahead a future            Broken heart…!!            Heal it with some suture Hasty nasty running late Wanted more but turn into hate Blissful past, freaking heart Incredible things obscuring start            Confusing phase still interesting            Ain’t it funny…

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My backbone

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My backbone I cried,she cried; I smiled and everything for her was bright! I fell ,she gave a hand; When I was alone she always took a stand! When I was hungry and there was no food; She gave me everything that she could! When I was wrong she  scolded me like a teacher, When I was confused she advised me like a preacher, When I was ill she was the nurse, Only she could put me to sleep by…

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A king’s daughter

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A king’s daughter No cloud is so dark that, The sun can’t shine through! Walking thousand miles  and that is how I grew! Hit by the wind and stuck at the storm, But I had to stand still and face it because that was the norm! When I turn back I always see a shadow; Shouting behind me ” go my little girl you can win the world “! Put all your strength and give everything you have Because I…

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Dilemma Diverged two roads in the deep wood, Couldn’t choose one only if I could! One was rough , riskful and strong, While the other was smooth , lonely and long! Didn’t know where the roads were destined to ; Up to the hill or down to the zoo! All seemed gloomy and thoughts only fought; There was a huge dilemma in which I was caught! The road full of risk was a valley of death; Where one could meet…

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